Sleep Easy - Childproofing Baby Locks for Cabinets

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Feel more at ease knowing that your home is safe for your loved ones!

Childproofing your home is a top priority once you have little ones scampering about. When babies begin to sit, crawl, and grab whatever they can get their hands on, it is time for childproofing locks. Toddlers can easily reach for many things if left unsupervised for one second. To keep them safe, these locks are a lifesaver.

These locks are designed to protect and help you sleep easier knowing that your children are safe. Children will not even be able to open the gap between drawers or cupboard doors once you install these amazing locks.

Childproofing Safety Locks for cabinets that will help you safeguard your child from harm. You can use these locks on cabinets, cupboards and drawers. It is straightforward to use and install (you can install it in less than 10 seconds).

Features & Benefits:

✅ Protect your child from accidental injury from accidentally jamming their fingers or being hit by falling items
✅ Can be used for refrigerators, washing machines / dry cleaning machines, chest drawers, dishwashers and other equipment supplies to prevent the babies from opening, eating and helps to prevent messy accidents
✅ Extra Protection: You must push the tab AND pull the drawer at the same time to open. Hard for young children to open but easy for adults.
Self Locking - Will lock in place automatically when drawer is shut.



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