Baby Lifeguard - Infant Inflatable Floating Ring

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Safely discover the fun of swimming!

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The Baby Body Float will bring your baby joy in the water! Specifically, this Body Float has a design that bears safety in mind. Moreover, our Baby Float is different from traditional baby swimming rings, meaning that our baby body float is equipped with a comfortable backrest, inflatable chest, and buckles for extra safety. 

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Moreover, this Baby Body Float is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. It allows your baby to learn to swim on their belly in a neutral position instead of an unnatural vertical position. Besides, this Baby Float has dual airbags so youeasily customize how much inflation is neededon their stomach.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Inflatable/deflatable, convenient to use and to store
  • 5 airbag designs, each airbag can be inflated separately, ensure your baby's safety.
  • Double-layered fixation is more secure and provides a greater sense of comfort for your baby in the water.
  • Perfectly manufactured to fit your baby's body.

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